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IBS 2014 Home
IBS 2014 Home: IBS February 4-6
Make it Home 2014
Follow host Jillian Harris as she turns her recently purchased house from nightmare to dream home and "Make it Home".
IBS 2013
IBS 2013
"Restoration Home" First of its kind makeover home onsite at IBS
House United 2012
House United 2012
RNC Aug 27-30, 2012 Tampa, FL
DNC Sep 3-6, 2012 Charlotte, NC
First to the Future Radio
First to the Future Radio
The Importance of Proper Ventilation Throughout the Home with Brian Kincaid, Western Specification and Sales Manager for Panasonic Eco Solutions
NextGen News for week of November, 10 2014
Apple, Google will kickstart smart home revolution
Apple's HomeKit programming system will do for the smart home industry what AirPlay did for the audio market.
ecoSelect: A green building program by the numbers
More and more builders are recognizing the importance of creating a unique “green” identity.
Going Green:
What you can do to reign in water usage.
5 essential remodeling rules
If you’re ready to hire someone for your first-ever home renovation, you’re likely focused more on the result of the project, not the process.
Homebuilding recovery will continue in 2015, forecasters say
Forecasters expect Portland-area homebuilding to continue to bounce back in 2015, though perhaps still not enough to keep up with population growth.
Bluetooth may be the key to your future smart home
A growing number of companies are rolling out home automation products that tap into new capabilities for Bluetooth.
Carbon Footprint This Winter Without Spending Any Money
Reducing energy usage at home is an easy way to reduce carbon emissions.
LEDs the Fast-Rising Heroes of Efficiency
Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, once were the stuff of electronics geeks rifling through circuit board component drawers at Radio Shack.

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