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IBS 2014 Home
IBS 2014 Home: IBS February 4-6
Make it Home 2014
Follow host Jillian Harris as she turns her recently purchased house from nightmare to dream home and "Make it Home".
IBS 2013
IBS 2013
"Restoration Home" First of its kind makeover home onsite at IBS
House United 2012
House United 2012
RNC Aug 27-30, 2012 Tampa, FL
DNC Sep 3-6, 2012 Charlotte, NC
First to the Future Radio
First to the Future Radio
Our guest Natalie Tanner - DECRA Roofing Systems
NextGen News for week of December 14, 24 2014
Why do new energy-efficient houses need cooling?
A typical city suburb - dark roofs, minimal shading and often baking hot.
EPA’s Energy Efficiency Action Week, & New Energy Star Home Advisor
A recent press release from the EPA announced the start of the Energy Star Home Advisor.
Ultimate Heat Efficient Home Guide:
Keep warm for less and save money on your energy bills.
Home Builders Feeling Great in the West, Glum in the Northeast
You’re probably feeling pretty good if you’re a home builder in the western U.S. If you’re building houses in New England, not so much.
4 Ways to Make Your Home a Connected Home
Moving into a new home recently felt like the perfect chance to upgrade to a smarter home.
6 Simple Projects To Make Your Home More Retirement-Friendly
Hoping to stay in your house for the long haul? These manageable changes will make your place more comfortable now—and for years to come.
10 Home Office Organization Helpers Under $25
From laptop stands to magnetic wall pockets, these products keep your workspace orderly and clutter-free at little expense.
When It Comes To Your Property; Would You Renovate or Sell?
Investing in the real estate is an asset which increases in value overtime, bringing potential increase in your net worth.

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